What were your growing up lessons?

“Tuck in your shirt or you look look like a bum.” That’s a lesson my husband learned from his mom. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” That’s something my mother taught me.

We all carry life lessons we learned as we were growing up. Sometimes those lessons cross each other up because life is seldom black and white.

Lessons of life are one of the things I’m talking about with P.C. Zick on Author Wednesday at her blog Writing Whims. Here’s the start of the discussion. I hope you’ll join us for the rest.

Before you make the jump, what was a lesson you learned from your parents? Please share.

Author Wednesday – Carol Bodensteiner

???????????????????????????????Welcome to Author Wednesday. Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Carol Bodensteiner. Carol released her first novel, Go Away Home, this past month, and she’s stopped by to talk a little bit about writing this World War I-era novel set in rural eastern Iowa. Her first book, Growing Up Country, is a memoir of growing up in Iowa in the 1950s. It’s so nice to have you visit today, Carol. Congratulations on publishing your first novel. Tell us about Go Away Home.Go Away Home Revised Ebook Final Cover Medium What’s the one sentence pitch for this work of historical fiction?

Thanks for inviting me to Author Wednesday, P.C. Go Away Home is the story of a young woman’s quest for independence and the right to decide her own future set against a twentieth century backdrop when options for women were limited yet social change was occurring and the Great War was on the horizon.

What is the main message you wanted to convey in this novel?

Go Away Home explores the reality that life is not as simple, or the choices as clear-cut, as we often hope they are …

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Go Away Home – Blog Tour

Go Away Home_Tour Banner_FINAL

I’m thrilled to announce the participants in a blog tour for Go Away Home taking place from July 8 – July 25, 2014. Please join me from the comfort of your own chair as I travel through cyberspace.

  • Tuesday, July 8 – Amy Bruno at Passages to the Past (and organizer of this month’s virtual book tour) shares a Q&A with me about writing Go Away Home.
  • Wednesday, July 9 – P.C. Zick hosts me on Writing Whims for a wide-ranging Q&A on Author Wednesday
  • Thursday, July 10 – Ashley LaMar at Closed the Cover shares my guest post: “Six Networking Tips to Promote Your Book Online”
  • Monday, July 14 – Svetlana’s Reads and Views shares her review of Go Away Home.
    Darlene at Peeking Between the Pages reviews and hosts a giveaway
  • Tuesday, July 15 – Let Them Read Books hosts a giveaway and my guest post “Fact to Fiction – Researching Historical Fiction Just in Time”
  • Thursday, July 17 – Jorie at Jorie Loves a Story invited me to talk about “choices,” one of the novel themes. Read my guest post: “Is that a good choice? Only time will tell.”
    At the same time, a city girl turned goat farmer reviews & hosts a giveaway at Broken Teepee
  • Friday, July 18 – Kathryn Powell posts a review at A Bibliograph’s Reviews
    Back at Jorie Loves a Story, Jorie shares her review of Go Away Home.
  • Monday, July 21 – Kathleen Kelly posts a review at CelticLady’s Reviews
  • Tuesday, July 22 – Caroline Wilson will shine her spotlight on Go Away Home and offer a giveaway at Caroline Wilson Writes
  • Thursday, July 24 - Returning to Closed the Cover where Ashley LaMar will post a review and host a giveaway
  • Friday, July 25 – Lauralee Jacks does a book review and giveaway at History From a Woman’s Perspective
  • Friday, July 25 -Returning to Passages to the Past where Amy Bruno closes out this month-long blog tour by spotlighting Go Away Home and summarizing blogger reviews

It’s an honor to have so many authors and bloggers participate in sharing the news about the launch of Go Away Home. These sites are full of information about books and authors, writing and life. I encourage you to check them out.

Tips for being in two places at once

The magic of a modern-day book launch.

file0001820510540I’m not in the habit of defying the time/space continuum, but this month I’ll be giving it my best shot. July is the official launch of my World War One-era novel Go Away Home, and the month is packed.

My first event is a library book talk today. The week of July 8, I return to eastern Iowa where I grew up for three events. At the same time, I’ll be zipping through cyberspace making the first four stops on a virtual book tour. The rest of the month repeats the challenge with more blog stops and more in-person events each week. July’s last event (at least that I know about right now) is July 25.

Maybe the best I can hope for is not to meet myself coming and going. I’ve taken these steps to ensure a smooth launch:

  • Written four versions of a presentation that focuses on Writing History. It’s a challenge to anticipate what audiences will want to hear, but my journey from memoir to fiction with an emphasis on the historical commonality seems a good place to start. With four outlines in hand, I can adapt on the go as the presentation evolves based on audience questions.
  • Wrote a multitude of guest posts. Invitations by author/bloggers Shirley Showalter, Annamaria Bazzi, David Lawlor, P.C. Zick (July 9),and Christoph Fischer (Aug 4) to visit their blogs have helped me prepare for interviews, focus my thinking and get the word out. I’m grateful to them for hosting me.
  • Product in place. My eastern Iowa events are in towns without bookstores. Since I know from my memoir experience that people want a local place to buy the book, I’ve arranged with two pharmacies, the county historical society and a library to stock copies.
  • Media outreach. I’ve returned to my public relations roots to prepare media materials and made them available on my website. I’ve targeted pitches to key media for interviews. I’ve made sure local media in the geography surrounding my events have news releases and images well in advance.
  • E-mail marketing. On the theory that people who know me will be most interested in hearing about Go Away Home, I’ve sent a series of targeted e-mails to everyone on my list. The response has been encouraging and sends me forward on a wave of good feelings.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing. Without the Internet, wi-fi, and cell phones, this would not be possible. Time will tell how my body reacts to being in two places at the same time.

No doubt, I’ll arrive at the end of the July exhausted. During the month, I know I’ll have reconnected with old friends, met many new friends, and had a lot of fun.

I think I’m prepared. I hope so. But are there other things I should be doing? If you think of something, let me know. It’s not too late. After all, if I can be in two places, surely three can’t be that difficult ;)

“Wonderful debut novel” – A Writer of History

M.K. Tod started my week off right when she published her review of Go Away Home on her blog A Writer of History. Mary was one of my advance reviewers and I was particularly interested in her opinion since she also writes about the World War One era.

Here’s how she starts her review:

From the very first chapter of Go Away Home, Carol Bodensteiner draws us into the central conflicts of her debut novel: old ways versus new, farm versus city, youth versus maturity, man versus woman.

She continues:

The story flows with excellent dialogue and compelling descriptions, and each chapter ends with a hook that drives the plot forward.

I’m honored that Mary focused both on the story as well as the writing style.

If you like historical fiction, check out M.K. Tod’s novel Unravelled.