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High Trestle Trail melds history, nature, easy biking

By Carol / 29 August 2011 /

I biked the newly opened High Trestle Trail for the first time this weekend. My friends and I entered the  trail at Woodwardand biked east. Our main goal was to see the new High Trestle…

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The prairie loves heat

By Carol / 25 July 2011 /

  As the temperatures and humidity soared this past week, I took refuge in the luxury of air conditioning. From air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned offices. I got there as…

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Can you identify this flowers?

By Carol / 14 July 2011 /

The prairie always gives me something new to look at. But often I’m not sure what it is I’m seeing.  Here’s my latest puzzle. I realize the challenge picking out the flower and foliage from…

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Coneflowers = Happy memories

By Carol / 11 July 2011 /

One of the delights in the prairie this year is how many more of certain types of flowers there are than there were last year. Gray-headed and purple coneflowers are two particularly beautiful examples.  Last…

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Diversity in the prairie – I'm giddy!

By Carol / 06 July 2011 /

Rattlesnake Master  – Neal Smith NWR This spring, a plant looking very much like some variety of thistle showed up in my prairie. The spines along it’s slender leaves tempted me, but I exercised remarkable-for-me…

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The newest flowers in the prairie

By Carol / 28 June 2011 /

One of my greatest joys is taking children into my prairie. The prairie when you’re a pint-sized three feet tall is a totally different experience than when you’re an adult – with adult eyes and…

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All in how you look at it

By Carol / 17 June 2011 /

‘What’s going on in the prairie?’ I asked my husband when he picked me up at the airport. I’d been gone a month. I figured the prairie would be flourishing. Imagine my surprise when he…

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Itchin to get my hands dirty

By Carol / 14 March 2011 /

I’ve been off the farm for years, but I’m a farmer at heart. Every spring, I can’t wait to get outside and get some dirt under my fingernails. Friday was the day. Temperature almost 60.…

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Feeding the hungry

By Carol / 14 February 2011 /

    I’ve always wondered how birds survive the winter cold. It seems impossible that their little bodies can hold enough heat to survive freezing temperatures. Even worse when constant snow cover makes it hard…

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Standing tallk – Making roads safer

By Carol / 30 December 2010 /

This is my first winter of prairie watching. I noticed how strong prairie plants were during summer wind storms. They bent but didn’t break. That same quality is true in the winter. Snow piles up…

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