As a curious observer of life, I blog on writing, marketing, my prairie - anything that interests me in the moment. I like to have conversations with readers, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I'll respond.

Prairie Architecture

By Carol / 23 November 2010 /

Walking through the prairie today, the word that came to mind was architecture. During the summer, I  never looked past the swathes of yellow, dots of pink, pinpoints of blue in the blooms that blanketed…

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Fall in the prairie

By Carol / 10 November 2010 /

I have found it difficult to walk in my prairie these days. It is so dry and brown. Such a short time ago it was awash in brilliant yellows with surprising dots of pink, purple…

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No buffalo in my prairie

By Carol / 07 September 2010 /

Whenever we visit the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refugenear Prairie City, Iowa, we look for the buffalo. We have not been disappointed this year. The herd now numbers around 100 and it’s a real treat…

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Always something new

By Carol / 02 September 2010 /

It’s fall in the prairie, but that doesn’t mean we’re done looking at new flowers. In fact, we appear to just be starting with many. Yes, the grasses are holding sway, but fresh blooms are…

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Amber waves sweep the prairie

By Carol / 30 August 2010 /

Iowa is remarkably green for this time of year. An over abundance of rain has ensured we’re still cutting grass more frequently than the end of August normally dictates. My hostas look so fresh, you…

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"The hills are alive …"

By Carol / 20 August 2010 /

Julie Andrews singing ‘The hills are alive …’ runs through my mind when I walk in the prairie. My prairie is alive – not so much with the sound of music, but with a myriad…

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Taller than expected

By Carol / 16 August 2010 /

I don’t know that I gave much thought to how tall prairie plants would be.  Tall enough that I could see them easily from my office window, I hoped. The prairie has delivered that and…

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Bent but not broken

By Carol / 10 August 2010 /

Gale-force winds and torrential rains swept through central Iowa last night. Awakened by crashing thunder, I watched as lightening flashes illuminated a scene reminiscent of Gulf Coast hurricanes.  As I watched, two questions came to…

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This takes the cake

By Carol / 02 August 2010 /

My mom used to say, “That takes the cake!” when she saw or heard something that surprised or dismayed her. An event that was beyond anything like it that she’d heard or seen before. I…

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Don't blink

By Carol / 29 July 2010 /

People who travel the rural Iowa roads are fond of saying about small towns, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.”  A recent walk in the prairie was a lot like that. Yellow dominates in terms…

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