As a curious observer of life, I blog on writing, marketing, my prairie - anything that interests me in the moment. I like to have conversations with readers, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I'll respond.

Celebrating spring and poetry

By Carol / 12 April 2013 /

Does spring inspire you to write poetry?  April is National Poetry Month and we are finally seeing the signs of spring here in Iowa. In honor of both, here’s a poem I wrote. An homage…

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Gratitude in a drought?

By Carol / 28 September 2012 /

Are all these sunny, dry days good for us? Only in Iowa would someone even ask that question! I spent last week in California where no one ever questions “yet another day in paradise.” But…

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In need of peace

By Carol / 21 June 2012 /

Deadlines and ‘shoulds’ were getting to me yesterday, so I headed to the prairie to take a break, hopefully to find a little peace. The prairie welcomed me with bright colors and gentle breezes. A…

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What's new in the prairie?

By Carol / 04 June 2012 /

My normal tendency is to worry. But the prairie has taught me at least two things: 1) the prairie can take care of itself and 2) my worrying about it accomplishes nothing. So I approached…

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Cheering first steps!

By Carol / 30 May 2012 /

My granddaughter Eliza took her first solo steps on Sunday. And she did it right in front of me. How lucky is that? Her mom and dad and sister saw it too. We applauded. We…

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First blooms in the prairie

By Carol / 30 April 2012 /

All signs of the prescribed burn we did on the prairie a month ago are gone. With each rain, each wind, each day that passes, the burn is less visible. In fact, only a few…

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Burn, prairie, burn!

By Carol / 19 March 2012 /

  My experience with fire is limited. Contained blazes in fireplaces and smaller campfires are comforting, welcoming, inviting on cold nights. I’m rather fond of those. Other fires–forest fires or grass fires to clear out…

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March in the prairie

By Carol / 16 March 2012 /

Sometimes it takes a 3-year-old to make me see what’s right in front of me. My Granddaughter Hannah and I took a walk out to the prairie this weekend. To me, the prairie looks brown.…

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Showy fall flowers

By Carol / 22 September 2011 /

Crossword puzzle clue: Showy fall flower Answer: Aster Did you think asters?  Since a crossword puzzle is part of my everyday routine, ‘aster’ and ‘showy fall flower,’ are always linked in my mind. Asters are…

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Taste & smell the prairie

By Carol / 12 September 2011 /

“Taste this,” I say, pulling leaves off a small prairie plant and handing them to friends who tour my prairie. “Taste it?” they ask, skeptical. I nod. With some hesitation, they do. “It’s licorice!” they…

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