The newest flowers in the prairie

By Carol / June 28, 2011 /

One of my greatest joys is taking children into my prairie. The prairie when you’re a pint-sized three feet tall is a totally different experience than when you’re an adult – with adult eyes and adult height.

This past weekend, our granddaughters came to visit. We carried Hannah in last year when she was only a year and a half. This year at 2 1/2, she’s making her own tracks.  We discovered flowers and picked them. She ran each bloom back out to her mama and Grandma Linda waiting outside the prairie tangle. And then she waded back in to discover another treasure.

Our youngest granddaughter visited the prairie in her father’s arms. At three months, she was oblivious, but I hope some of the experience soaked in through prairie magic and she’ll be ready to take her first prairie steps next year.

When it was time to go, Hannah wasn’t ready to leave. She could have played in the prairie for a long time discovering something new – just as I do – at every step. Children bloom in the prairie and that’s as much fun to see than any other flowers.

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