Rolling through the summer

By Carol / July 5, 2011 /

Biking in Italy was excellent training for Iowa. I didn’t huff and puff on my trusty red one-speed for nothing. That old baby prepared me well.  When I take to my neighborhood streets, these days on an 18-speed, I feel as though I’m going downhill all the way.

Not really!  Pleasant Hill doesn’t have ‘hill’ in its name for nothing. But I have yet to get off and push, and that makes me feel strong.

Many thanks to area car and truck drivers. Not once have I felt threatened by anyone coming upon me too fast or brushing too close. I’m returning the favor by signaling turns, obeying all stop signs and lights, and staying aware. I trust we’ll continue to co-exist peacefully and safely.

Happy biking to everyone as we roll through summer!


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