As a curious observer of life, I blog on writing, marketing, my prairie - anything that interests me in the moment. I like to have conversations with readers, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I'll respond.

Prairie – By any other name

By Carol / 27 July 2009 /

This weekend marked the second month for my prairie. In spite of the crabgrass and barnyard grass, I have begun to spot native plants: Big Bluestem, Partridge Pea, many coneflowers. That’s a Partridge Pea in…

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A week spent writing

By Carol / 26 July 2009 /

I just returned from a week at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. Reveling in the energy and inspiration of spending an entire week with people who think about writing, talk about writing, love writing, and…

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The bounty of the moment

By Carol / 19 July 2009 /

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone …” Joni Mitchell captured the universal truth in “Big Yellow Taxi.” I found myself humming the tune as I…

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My new best friend

By Carol / 07 July 2009 /

Not quackgrass! That’s the judgment of the Iowa State University Extension Service who took a look at the pictures I sent and responded in a couple of hours. Crab grass and barnyard grass. Both annuals…

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Where uncommon is common

By Carol / 03 July 2009 /

My brother-in-law Ken who lives in Anchorage sent this picture yesterday. He goes to a local cafe for coffee with friends in the morning and saw these visitors near his house. Now he doesn’t see…

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Oh Quack!

By Carol / 28 June 2009 /

“Go away and come back in three years.” That’s what my contact at Ion Exchange told me when I shared my concern about the quack grass taking over my prairie garden. I’m sure he gets…

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Good news, Bad news – June prairie update

By Carol / 18 June 2009 /

It’s been almost a month since I sowed the seeds of my prairie garden. (This picture shows the spot before planting.) The last four weeks have been a good news/bad news story. Good news: It’s…

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Great Intel Ad

By Carol / 14 June 2009 /

I spend far more time complaining about TV ads than praising them, but I just saw a new Intel ad I must applaud. The ad spotlights Ajay Bhatt, co-inventor of the USB, and uses the…

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The past & the future – an Iowa prairie

By Carol / 27 May 2009 /

Returning part of our acreage to native flowers and grasses has been on my mind since we moved to this acreage four years ago. Interviewing sources for the article I wrote recently on Iowa’s endangered…

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The wild things

By Carol / 13 May 2009 /

“Carol! Look out in the horse pasture!” my husband yelled one morning last month. “I think that’s a coyote.” I scrambled to the window just in time to catch a clear glimpse of what was…

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