Oh Quack!

By Carol / June 28, 2009 /

“Go away and come back in three years.” That’s what my contact at Ion Exchange told me when I shared my concern about the quack grass taking over my prairie garden. I’m sure he gets calls all the time from impatient prairie garden owners.

But really. Have they seen my quack grass problem? I sent photos. No response. It’s only been a week, but the quack grass is more aggressive by the day. This photo was taken before it got bad!
I walked into the garden again today. Searching for any plant that might be one of the seeds I so optimistically scattered a month ago. Though I didn’t see anything at first glance, more careful study – on my hands and knees – revealed much more. Each time I found a tiny seedling, I pinched back the quack grass, aiming to give my newest baby a bit of sunlight and breathing room. No pulling or I could pull out the prairie plant as well.
But we’re talking 2,400 sq. ft. Pinching quack grass leaves over the entire area is impractical, at best. And perhaps the seedlings are stronger than the quack grass. I just don’t know.
My new garden is teaching me many things – to slow down and look closely and to have more patience. It’s also teaching me what a control freak I am. As if I didn’t already know that. I want to DO something. Instead, I may need to just let nature do what it will do on its own.

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