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Walking through Iowa; reading through Europe

By Carol / 20 January 2014 /

Goals to keep mind and body fresh. I’ve set two goals for myself this winter: one walking and one reading. In just the first few weeks of the year, I’ve found some interesting links to…

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5 Yoga Exercises For Your Writing Routine

By Carol / 04 February 2013 /

Not long ago, I wrote about how walking stimulates my writing. Writer and yoga instructor Stephanie Renée dos Santos commented that she’s found yoga to be a great help to her writing. I asked her…

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Does exercise improve your writing?

By Carol / 19 November 2012 /

“A problem with a piece of writing often clarifies itself if you go for a long walk.” — Helen Dunmore British novelist, poet and children’s author Dunmore shared this bit of wisdom in a list…

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