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Launch Day Gratitude

By Carol / 21 March 2018 /

My new novel, Simple Truth, launches today, and gratitude tops the list of emotions I’m feeling as I celebrate bringing my third book to readers. A writer doesn’t travel the often rocky road to publication…

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Go Away Home – Book Cover & Release Date

By Carol / 02 April 2014 /

World War One-era historical fiction on track for July launch. It’s been a long journey writing my first novel – somewhere in the four to five-year range – but I’m excited to tell you the…

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Are you using some words too often?

By Carol / 03 March 2014 /

Software helps find repetition. Kayla Curry shared software to help writers find what I’ve called “crutch” words and what Sharla Rae calls “echo” words. Here’s the start and link to her post. How to tell…

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How committed are you?

By Carol / 08 November 2013 /

Many indie authors choose not to shell out for an editor. But the right relationship can make writing soar. Not the tiniest piece of crap eluded her. She invariably landed squarely on what was wrong…

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Five steps to editor ready

By Carol / 17 October 2013 /

The editing, one’s own editing, before the editor sees it, is the most important – Dr. Maya Angelou Maya Angelou‘s quote resonated with me when I first read it. But I didn’t really get her…

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How much honesty can you take before you break?

By Carol / 24 September 2013 /

I love my beta readers. Every last one. And I love their honest reactions. You’ll never get me to say anything else. At least not on the record. My WWI-era novel has had the benefit…

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Forging paths in the prairie and in writing

By Carol / 12 September 2013 /

Since my granddaughters were born, I’ve taken them to the prairie every time they visit us. As little ones, they were carried in. As they grew older, I led the way.   On her last…

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Tips & Tools for cutting "Crutch" or "Echo" words

By Carol / 29 July 2013 /

Recently, I blogged about finding and eliminating “crutch” words in my writing. Sharla Rae calls these “Echo” words. In her blog post today at Writers In The Storm, she lists the most common Echo words…

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What are your crutch words?

By Carol / 15 July 2013 /

I’m deep into editing my novel this month. Searching for the best words to create people and places readers will see and remember. Eliminating cliches. Working for copy that is fresh and tight. In the…

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Can I cut 30,000 words?

By Carol / 13 June 2012 /

The editing task in front of me is daunting. The average novel runs about 350 pages and 85,000 words. The first draft of my manuscript weighed in at a scale-busting 130,000 words. Even though there…

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