Are you using some words too often?

By Carol / March 3, 2014 /

Software helps find repetition.

Kayla Curry shared software to help writers find what I’ve called “crutch” words and what Sharla Rae calls “echo” words. Here’s the start and link to her post.

Kayla Curry

Kayla Curry

How to tell if you are using one word too much.

My upcoming novel, Where the Carnies Are is in the editing stage right now and I just ran it through a little test that helps me determine what words I used the most when I wrote it. I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that (for free!) in just a minute.

First, let’s talk about WHY it is important to do this to your manuscripts.  When writing, you will often use the words you are most comfortable with. That isn’t a huge problem, but it might make you sound repetitive and boring. Let me give you an example….

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