As a curious observer of life, I blog on writing, marketing, my prairie - anything that interests me in the moment. I like to have conversations with readers, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I'll respond.

Itchin to get my hands dirty

By Carol / 14 March 2011 /

I’ve been off the farm for years, but I’m a farmer at heart. Every spring, I can’t wait to get outside and get some dirt under my fingernails. Friday was the day. Temperature almost 60.…

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A bouquet in one blossom

By Carol / 24 June 2010 /

When I spotted this among the coneflowers in my patio garden, I didn’t know quite what to think. The center cone is part of a purple coneflower, but only a part. Why weren’t the long…

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Daisy fleabane & other native flowers

By Carol / 14 June 2010 /

My prairie is awash in Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta. The seed mix sown a year ago must have been heavy in this species. They are brightening the prairie no matter where you look.  Nothing else…

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Just one week – A daffodil ode to spring

By Carol / 30 March 2010 /

On March 21, we woke to six inches of new snow. Normally, I’d say ‘How pretty!’, but then we were not exactly heading into Christmas.  The daffodils stood tall in the snow.   Three days…

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Ready, Set, Be Patient

By Carol / 09 March 2010 /

It can’t last forever, this snow. I keep telling myself that. The days do get longer. Melting snow slides off the roof, plinks into the gutters, trickles in a steady stream out the downspouts.  Yes,…

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Here at last!

By Carol / 04 September 2009 /

It was a strange year in our vegetable garden. It didn’t help that my husband – the one who usually does the planting – broke his ankle in April, so planting was left to me.…

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Sunflower playhouse

By Carol / 22 August 2009 /

I tried an experiment this spring, planting sunflowers in a circle large enough to be a playhouse for my new granddaughter. Since Hannah was just born on Christmas Day, she is too young to appreciate…

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The bounty of the moment

By Carol / 19 July 2009 /

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone …” Joni Mitchell captured the universal truth in “Big Yellow Taxi.” I found myself humming the tune as I…

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A mature garden is like …

By Carol / 16 April 2009 /

I took advantage of the beautiful weather – spring at last? – yesterday to clean up one of my perennial gardens, the first I planted when we moved to this acreage four years ago. In…

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