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Is Winter your season of renewal?

By Carol / 25 June 2012 /

We have a special treat today, an interview with Diane Glass and Debra Engle, founders of the Tending Your Inner Garden® workshops. Diane and Debra just published Winter, the first in a series of books…

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My son is a good dad, too!

By Carol / 17 June 2012 /

My son stopped by recently with his oldest daughter. It was a whirlwind visit, but 3-year-old Hannah ensured we did a little bit of everything. We used the swing and slide. We picked peas and…

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Itching for spring, for green

By Carol / 10 March 2012 /

I’m itching to be in the garden. The view outside my office window is brown, brown and more brown. With your occasional robin, which tells me spring is on the way. This morning, I took…

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An embarrassment of riches

By Carol / 21 October 2011 /

October 16 was Blog Action Day. The topic this year: ‘Food.’ I wasn’t able to blog on the 16th, but I figure it’s never too late to talk about food. I am reminded of the…

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BLTs for Christmas?

By Carol / 05 October 2011 /

Great weather. Great garden. And it just keeps coming. I foist tomatoes and peppers off on anyone who visits. We eat tomatoes at every meal. I’m not kidding. Even breakfast. I picked two dishpans of…

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Ratatouille – The recipe

By Carol / 19 September 2011 /

There are far more complicated recipes for Ratatouille, but here’s the more simple version I used, taken from the Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book. Ratatouille 2 cups cubed, peeled eggplant 1 small zucchini,…

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End of season garden eating

By Carol / 19 September 2011 /

The last eggplant. The last zucchini. The last onions. That’s what I brought in from the garden this past week. My mother always made soup with the last vegetables of her garden. She had so…

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The right tools for the job

By Carol / 31 August 2011 /

August came, and right on schedule, so did the tomatoes. We’ve been waiting for this. Our cupboards were bare. But dishpans full of tomatoes to can every third day can be daunting. Through a serendipitous…

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Vine ripened, ready to eat

By Carol / 05 August 2011 /

Growing up on the farm, we had a big garden. Big enough to fill our fruit cellar and deep freeze. Enough to feed our family at every meal,  through the winter, until the garden gave…

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Stopping to smell the roses

By Carol / 14 May 2011 /

‘Be sure to stop and smell the roses’ is a cliché. If an author uses the line, readers may feel the writing is trite, that the author took the easy route instead of working for…

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