Itching for spring, for green

By Carol / March 10, 2012 /

I’m itching to be in the garden. The view outside my office window is brown, brown and more brown. With your occasional robin, which tells me spring is on the way.

This morning, I took the loppers and cut volunteer trees out of the hedgerows, a task I usually tackle in the fall. You can see how desperate I am to be outside. I found the task much easier to do before everything leafs out. This may become a new spring routine.

My daffodils are up and budding. I don’t know if they know that it is still very early in March, and this is IOWA. Normally I’d be raking away the leaf mulch, but I’m hesitant – winter could still throw something big at us. I sure hope the daffodils know more than the calendar.

Since the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing and today is a very good approximation of spring, I’m going back outside. There are sticks to pick up. Daffodils to appreciate.

If the daffodils can pretend it’s spring, so can I.

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