High Tech – An e-book at last

By Carol / October 20, 2010 /

The smallest things entertain me. But I suppose it can be argued publishing my book in a new format is not really small. So, come celebrate with me!  I just published my memoir: Growing Up Country: Memories of an Iowa Farm Girlas an ebook.

I lagged on this for many reasons, but not the least of them because there seems – to me at least – to be something slightly off about offering a book based on the nostalgia of the 1950s in the latest high-tech form.

But when I think about it, my dad adopted the latest technology available – converting our dairy from a stanchion barn to a parlor before anyone else in the county.

Farmers today are at the cutting edge of technology with GPS systems in their tractors and combines. I’m told the equipment virtually operates itself in the field. Farmers could potentially nap as the combine works itself down the row, tells itself when to turn, ostensibly waking the operator when its bins are full. I have a hard time visualizing this!

So in offering my book to e-readers, I may simply be doing what agriculture has done all along – take advantage of the latest technology. 

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