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Even fantasy has to be historically accurate – Guest Post – Annamaria Bazzi

By Carol / 31 March 2013 /

I want to thank Carol for hosting the tenth stop on my blog tour for the young adult fantasy short story series White Swans: A Regency Era. It’s great to be here, Carol. It’s been…

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The Embers at Galdrilene – New & Improved!

By Carol / 20 November 2012 /

I reviewed A.D. Trosper’s fantasy novel EMBERS AT GALDRILENE a few weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the story but stumbled over the editing, a step some indie authors shortcut for a variety of reasons. When…

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Embers at Galdrilene – Well written fantasy

By Carol / 01 November 2012 /

When I read fantasy, I trust the author to build a world that is real and believable and help me as a visitor to this new world navigate without difficulty. Author A.D. Trosper doesn’t disappoint…

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