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By Carol / February 3, 2012 /

Back in December, I wrote about the World Book Night – a worldwide effort to give away 1 million books. I’m pleased to report I’ve been chosen to be one of those giving books away. Hurrah!

I’m re-posting that blog because event organizers have extended the application deadline for joining the effort to February 6. There’s still time. Check below for info and links. Then, act fast.

Beaverdale Books is one of the distribution sites for Des Moines. There may be others. So come along. Have some fun. Give some books away!


Re-Post from Dec. 16, 2011

Giving Away 1 Million Books

Want to help give help away a million books? The organizers of World Book Night are looking for 50,000 passionate readers to do just that on April 23, 2012.

Anna Quindlen, novelist and honorary chairwoman of World Book Night in the USA, says “It will be like Halloween on an intellectual level.” 

Volunteers choose one of 30 titles – mostly current novels and memoirs – to give out. The costs of the million paperback books have been underwritten by publishers, printers and paper companies. Authors have waived their royalties.

You make your application on the World Book Night website. If you’re chosen to be one of the book givers, they’ll let you know by the end of February.

I’ve signed up and am keeping my fingers crossed. If I am chosen, I’ll be giving out books to residents of Oakridge Neighborhood, a community providing housing and services to low-income people in Des Moines.

My book choices include:

If I’m not chosen, I may go buy the books and give them out at Oakridge anyway. I just think the whole deal is really cool.

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