Thumbs on the wheel

By Carol / October 19, 2011 /

Texting while driving is a hazard. No exceptions. Texters may say they can text without looking. I don’t believe it.

As we put 3,800 miles on our van over the last two weeks, we had plenty of opportunity to observe distracted driving. Cars slowing down, speeding up, slowing down. Cars swerving onto the shoulder and jerking back. Even worse, cars swerving into another lane of traffic. Sometimes a cell phone was the culprit; more often we observed the driver texting.

When we entered the Pennsylvania Turnpike, we saw signs saying the Turnpike was a text-free zone.  Other signs called for ‘Thumbs on wheels.’ We loved the idea and adopted it, even though we only have one cell phone between us and neither of us knows how to text.

For all the good it did, I yelled ‘thumbs on the wheel’ to offenders as we passed them. Even if they couldn’t hear or understand me, I felt better. Our van has plenty of buttons to push, and since the vehicle is new, we aren’t familiar with what they all do. Experimenting with those buttons while driving could be as hazardous as texting. ‘Thumbs on the wheel,’ we reminded each other from time to time.

Thumbs on the wheel. It’s a good idea. I hope it catches on.

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