Aqueducts – Not really Roman!

By Carol / June 12, 2011 /

You know what the say about assumptions? Well, I made a big one when I saw the aqueducts running through Guamo, and assumed they were Roman era construction. Turns out, they’re much more recent.

In the early 18th century, the city of Lucca needed a reliable source of clean, quality water. Mathematicians and hydraulic engineers debated approaches for a long time and construction didn’t begin until the 19th century. Under the direction of royal architect Lorenzo Nottolini, construction on the 3,250 meter aqueduct began in 1823 and was completed in 1851.

It’s surprising to realize the aqueduct we stumbled upon is only 160 years old. I compliment them – they did a great job creating a system that fits Italian history. Apologies, though, to all of you for providing inaccurate info.

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