"Connection Lost" – A month of Skype frustration

By Carol / May 28, 2011 /

Everyone told us how great Skype was. I have friends who happily chat away between states, in other countries, across oceans and time zones. My husband and I really thought it would be cool to be able to see each and talk in real time while I was in Italy writing and he kept the home fires burning in Iowa.

We were optimistic. We were enthusiastic. The reality has been very different.

Here’s how it goes.

    1. Our connections show we are both on line. Yeah! 
    2. One of us hits the call button. Ringing. The other answers. A ‘Connection Lost’ message pops up. 
    3. We hit the call button again. Ringing. The other answers. A video shows. Connection Lost 
    4. Upon occasion, a connection is made. A video window opens and you get to see your loved one. For two seconds. During that time the conversation consists entirely of: ‘Can you see me? – Hit your video button. – Can you hear me? – I can’t hear you. – I can hear you but can’t see you.’ Connection Lost. 

One time – ONE TIME – we connected for about four minutes. I was delighted. He looked fabulous. I carried my laptop around to show him our house and garden. Hearing his voice made my day. Connection Lost.

Mary has had more success with Skype than I, but I know the above conversation so well from hearing her go through the exercise time and again. And it is a bit of a numbers game. Since she tries every day – multiple times a day – it stands to reason that she connects more often.

I have put my whole effort – along with my heart – into once or twice a week calls. Tonight I sent an advance email to my husband telling him I was not overly optimistic of our chances for success because Mary had not been successful early. He responded, “I’m underly optimistic.’

So sorry. Connection Lost.

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