What food do you crave?

By Carol / May 24, 2011 /

We’re 2 ½ weeks into our Italian adventure. Enjoying the scenery, feeling productive with our writing, and reveling in the ability to have such an experience. And we love the food. Trying new foods is one of the best parts of visiting a new country. The sights, the tastes, the smells – sauté garlic in olive oil, add a little pepper, serve over pasta with truly fresh vegetables … Wow!

The Italians are dedicated to eating fresh and local. We’ve eaten fresh asparagus 2-3 times a week ever since we arrived. It is fabulous and we savor every bite. The asparagus was just coming on in our patch in Iowa when I left. To be able to satisfy that spring craving here (knowing my husband is freezing what he can’t eat) is the best.

We ate real tomatoes (not hothouse) on our salads yesterday and today. Real tomatoes. In May? Believe it. If we knew how to fix fava beans, we’d be eating those, too.

But by 2 ½ weeks, we’re far enough removed from our normal fare that we start to crave. That was our discussion as we made dinner tonight. What foods were we craving.

Mary wanted Jarlsburg cheese. There is cheese aplenty in our markets, but it is all sheep’s milk cheese. Tasty, but very different than cow’s milk or goat’s milk cheese.

We have the most amazing gelato each night when we take a walk – but I crave my AE vanilla ice cream with a dollop of peanut butter and a squeeze of chocolate syrup.

We’re just sitting here wondering. What do you crave?


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