The birds of spring

By Carol / April 11, 2011 /

After I posted about dove hunting, my brother-in-law in Alaska suggested I shoot with a camera.  Good advice, though my camera is usually someplace else when I see a bird. And the birds are not patient posers.

I was reminded of his advice when I saw a wild turkey strut by. Of course, no camera in hand. The bird was quite impressive when it took off and flew right over the house. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a turkey in flight.


Having learned my lesson, at least for the moment, I now have my camera beside my computer and I’m doing my best to shoot all the birds who come by.  The water dish on the deck is a popular stop for birds of all types.


Over the weekend, I captured my elusive dove, as well as a blue jay, a robin, and a red-bellied woodpecker. Today, the goldfinches (not wearing their full gold color yet) are fighting with the black-capped chickadees for time at the thistle seed feeder. A cardinal is too far away on the fence for my little camera to record. And the brown creeper is too similar in color – and too tiny – to see on the trunk of the ash tree.


I’m not getting much else done, but I am enjoying the birds!

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