A gift of joy

By Carol / December 27, 2010 /

My granddaughter gave me the finest gift this Christmas – the gift of joy.  All I had to do was watch her and look through her two-year-old eyes to receive it.


The piano? Played with incredible joy.


A new Santa? Amazement. Happiness. Joy.

Helping grandma make the waffles. She stirred the flour with joy!

The teddy bear joined her to rock by the Christmas tree. Amazing joy!

 From the time she arrived with her parents to spend the afternoon with us until she left barely able to keep her eyes open, she wrapped her arms around everything – every experience, every minute, with boundless joy.  Joy did not include sitting still for a photo!

I often find myself caught up in the over rush, over tired, over done sides of ‘the season,’ worrying – obsessing sometimes – about what has to get done next and whether I’ll get it all done – and wondering why I don’t enjoy it. Spending time with Hannah brings me into the moment, reminds me that here and now, each moment is a moment for joy. Looking at it all as new – through the eyes of a two year old – I experience the joy.

Thank you, Hannah. What a gift!

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