All about perspective

By Carol / September 17, 2010 /

Politics, issues, life – how we think about things depends on our perspective. Even ‘truth’ often depends on perspective.  As I wrote several pieces for the latest issue of The Iowan magazine, I realized they were all about changing perspective.

One item focused on two of Iowa’s kaleidoscope makers who’ve taken what I viewed as a fun childhood toy to the level of fine art.  Both of these artists appreciate the ability of kaleidoscopes to help viewers change perspectives. Says Leonard Olson of Pomeroy who took up kaleidoscope making after he had a heart attack, “Kaleidoscopes provide a valuable metaphor for art. Just when you think you’ve encountered the most beautiful image possible, a slight shift changes everything.”

Peggy Kittelson, who creates kaleidoscopes near Decorah with her husband Steve, adds, “Kaleidoscopes are great for relieving stress.” She advises looking through one at the end of the day because you can’t help but see things differently.

The kaleidoscope above called “Genesis” was created by the Kittelsons. The photo is courtesy of Terri Downing.

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