This takes the cake

By Carol / August 2, 2010 /

My mom used to say, “That takes the cake!” when she saw or heard something that surprised or dismayed her. An event that was beyond anything like it that she’d heard or seen before.

I think she might pull out her old adage if she could see the Dotted Mint flowers blooming in my prairie.

I referred to the Dotted Mint in a previous post as a Carmen Miranda-type bloom. That was when I’d only seen blooms that had three levels.

Now that I’m seeing blooms like these that have four or five levels, I think they look more like wedding cakes. Wedding cakes that incorporate delicate pink frosting, speckled spider-like legs, and pineapple tops. When I study the Dotted Mint, I think Mom might have to change her saying.

It may be more accurate to say, “This one is the cake!”

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