Loving winter in Iowa

By Carol / January 10, 2010 /

I’ve always admired Minnesotans for how they embrace winter. I admit I waffle on the subject of winter.  I love it. Or not. A couple of years ago, I vowed to go out every day. The right clothes! Yak Tracks!  They make all the difference, I trumpeted!  I got through that winter in good humor.

Last year would have been the year to act on my perennial interest in snow shoes. Maybe if I had, I would have survived the seemingly never ending winter in better shape. Physically and more importantly, mentally. Attitude does make a difference.

So I applaud the folks up in Clear Lake.  They hold a Color the Wind festival the third Saturday of February. Color the Wind is a kite festival, but these are not ordinary kites. These kites are 40 ft. up to 90 ft. long. Kites more like what you’d see in a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Event organizers draw spectators out on to the frozen lake with sidewalks plowed in the snow, kites, music and hot chocolate. Stunt kite fliers dance kites across the sky in moves choreographed to music.

Personally, I think it’s impossible to look at kites in the sky and not be happy.  Those folks in Clear Lake have the right attitude. I’d like that attitude to rub off on me.

Snow is falling outside my window right now. Okay – where are those snow shoes?!

*Photos courtesy of Kay Day and David Bunkofski

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