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Rolling out a new website design – Come take a look

By Carol / 01 November 2017 / 16 Comments

Drum roll, please. Today I’m excited to unveil a fresh new, mobile-friendly look for my website – As I move closer to the launch of my next novel, it’s time to revisit all my…

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Amazon Publishing acquires Go Away Home – I'm giddy!

By Carol / 30 December 2014 / 36 Comments

Have you ever thought you were as happy as you could be and then something happens to make you realize you could reach a whole new level of happy? It happened to me this month.…

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Does paying for book promotion pay off?

By Carol / 16 December 2014 / 37 Comments

As an indie author, I’ve looked at paid book promotions from time to time and always backed away. There were so many questions for which I had no solid answers. Which promotion site? What guarantee…

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The Writing Life – Memoir to Fiction

By Carol / 15 October 2013 / 2 Comments

My writing career suffered a rocky start in elementary school and it took years to regain my writing confidence. Yet writing has been core to my life. I made a successful career in public relations,…

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An homage to the iron

By Carol / 11 February 2013 / 22 Comments

Monopoly players have said good-bye to the iron, welcoming a cat as the new player piece. As kids growing up in the 1950s, my sisters and I played Monopoly often, and I have to admit,…

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