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Peppers – vegetable or fruit?

By Carol / 13 August 2014 /

There are NO vegetables. Everything we call a vegetable is actually a fruit. So said the host of the TV show On The Spot this past weekend. What? I’m a farm kid. I grew up…

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What did rural life look like in 1910?

By Carol / 13 January 2014 /

Early 20th century photos inspire writing. Whether writing memoir or novel, I’ve found photos a great source of inspiration. Today, almost everyone has the ability to take photos. Digital cameras allow us to take pictures…

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Trying to "Slumber in the Slammer"

By Carol / 18 November 2013 /

A night in jail offers a change of venue to explore issues of control. I’ve slept on floors that were softer than the mattress in my cell. The pillow was hard enough to knock someone…

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If you read historical fiction, let your voice be heard

By Carol / 22 October 2013 /

The 2013 Historical Fiction Reader Survey is underway. More than 1,400 people have participated so far. More is better. Here’s the info. Click on the title to get to the A Writer of History site…

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Getting the historical details right

By Carol / 18 July 2013 /

Did farm women wear corsets in 1913? Is there a particular name for the everyday dresses they wore? How many acres could a farmer plant in a day and what was the equipment like? How…

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"Food will win the war" – Women & WWI

By Carol / 18 June 2013 /

My novel set during WWI has had me digging into how the war affected Americans in their everyday lives. A popular women’s magazine of the era, Ladies Home Journal showed that even before the United…

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What is the value of a letter?

By Carol / 10 June 2013 /

When I was a kid growing up on the farm in the 1950s, I waited everyday for the mailman to stop at our mailbox. It wasn’t as though anyone was going to write to me,…

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How do you see the differences in writing fiction & memoir?

By Carol / 28 May 2013 /

Since I’ve written memoirs and am close to completing my first novel, when the question of differences in writing fiction and memoir came to me in response to a blog post, you’d have thought I’d…

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History wrapped in a gripping story – Author David Lawlor

By Carol / 02 May 2013 /

I’m pleased to welcome Irish author David Lawlor to my blog today. For anyone with an interest in historical fiction, WWI, and action/adventure stories, this will be a treat.  Lawlor’s just-released novel THE GOLDEN GRAVE…

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The value of a fresh look at writing? Priceless

By Carol / 08 April 2013 /

A fresh read of a manuscript points out all kinds of problems: flat characters, scenes that though beautifully written go nowhere, leaps in logic that were clear to me in the writing but not to…

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