As a curious observer of life, I blog on writing, marketing, my prairie - anything that interests me in the moment. I like to have conversations with readers, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I'll respond.

What are your crutch words?

By Carol / 15 July 2013 /

I’m deep into editing my novel this month. Searching for the best words to create people and places readers will see and remember. Eliminating cliches. Working for copy that is fresh and tight. In the…

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What seeds have you planted?

By Carol / 20 May 2013 /

Sweeps of purple hyacinths. Multitudes of candy apple red, neon yellow, and peppermint stripped tulips. Majestic blue and white flag irises. A host of golden daffodils. Like magic, every spring my garden fills with this…

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How to spend waiting time? A Robin & Writing Update

By Carol / 04 May 2013 /

Waiting can be so difficult. That whole “watched pot” thing. Whether it’s 30 seconds to heat up the coffee in the microwave or 2 weeks for eggs to hatch – time just passes so slowly…

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Going against my nature to write a good story

By Carol / 06 March 2013 /

I enjoy peace and harmony, for myself and for others. I spent 30 years as a public relations consultant helping people  find their way out of problems. With every fiber of my body, I avoid…

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The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap – Historical fiction relevant to today

By Carol / 07 January 2013 /

As a reader and now writer of historical fiction, I’m always interested when an author tells a story that not only realistically captures an interesting place and time but also carries a story with themes…

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The Embers at Galdrilene – New & Improved!

By Carol / 20 November 2012 /

I reviewed A.D. Trosper’s fantasy novel EMBERS AT GALDRILENE a few weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the story but stumbled over the editing, a step some indie authors shortcut for a variety of reasons. When…

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The Angry Woman Suite – Author Interview

By Carol / 13 November 2012 /

Join me in welcoming Lee Fullbright to my blog today. I recently met Lee through my growing network of  historical fiction writers. Lee is the  author of the award-winning The Angry Woman Suite, published earlier…

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One month & eight years

By Carol / 07 November 2012 /

In 2004, I’d never written a novel. But I thought I’d like to try, so I signed up for NANOWRIMO, the worldwide initiative that kicks off every November 1 with the goal of getting everyone…

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I need to cause more trouble!

By Carol / 23 July 2012 /

I’m a sucker for The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy’s adventures drew me in when I was a kid and they still do. I just never imagined that the story of a little girl from Kansas…

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