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Trying to "Slumber in the Slammer"

By Carol / 18 November 2013 /

A night in jail offers a change of venue to explore issues of control. I’ve slept on floors that were softer than the mattress in my cell. The pillow was hard enough to knock someone…

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Small bits of happy chance

By Carol / 09 October 2013 /

Serendipity – the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Hannibal Smith of the TV show “The A Team” used to say, “I love it when a plan comes…

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How do we encourage reading?

By Carol / 29 April 2013 /

Through 3rd grade, children learn to read. From then on, children read to learn.  I do not remember where I first read this, but the importance of that 3rd grade deadline has always stuck with…

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Completing a century of quilting

By Carol / 18 February 2013 /

In December I began hand quilting a Grandma’s Garden quilt my grandmother began to assemble about a century ago. This month I finished the task. Throughout, I was literally wrapped in history as I held…

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What legacy will we leave?

By Carol / 14 January 2013 /

When I was a little kid growing up in Iowa, we seldom saw Bald Eagles, even though we lived near the Mississippi River. When we did chance to spot one, everyone, children and adults, looked…

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The power of ANYone

By Carol / 18 October 2012 /

Writing earlier this week about The Power of We for Blog Action Day has caused me to think about The Power of One. As I sat down to write, up popped the story of Talia…

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Gratitude in a drought?

By Carol / 28 September 2012 /

Are all these sunny, dry days good for us? Only in Iowa would someone even ask that question! I spent last week in California where no one ever questions “yet another day in paradise.” But…

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Keeping memories alive

By Carol / 17 September 2012 /

Everything that happens has the potential to trigger memories. Some events define a moment in time for many people. Other events may mean something to only one person. In all cases, memories stay alive because…

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What is it about BIG?

By Carol / 29 August 2012 /

Big things fascinate me. Maybe that’s true of most of us. The biggest anything is almost always a draw. At the Iowa State Fair, the Biggest (fill in the blank) will always have a line…

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What price freedom?

By Carol / 02 July 2012 /

Four years ago, I toured Lima, Peru. When our group stepped into a square bordered by government buildings, a school and shops, I was surprised to see armored tanks at each corner of the plaza,…

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