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How much honesty can you take before you break?

By Carol / 24 September 2013 /

I love my beta readers. Every last one. And I love their honest reactions. You’ll never get me to say anything else. At least not on the record. My WWI-era novel has had the benefit…

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Trusting my "baby" to beta readers

By Carol / 06 June 2013 /

Sound the trumpets! Strike up the band! Last month I reached a milestone in writing my novel. I had a draft that was as good as I could make it. The story was complete. The…

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How to spend waiting time? A Robin & Writing Update

By Carol / 04 May 2013 /

Waiting can be so difficult. That whole “watched pot” thing. Whether it’s 30 seconds to heat up the coffee in the microwave or 2 weeks for eggs to hatch – time just passes so slowly…

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The value of a fresh look at writing? Priceless

By Carol / 08 April 2013 /

A fresh read of a manuscript points out all kinds of problems: flat characters, scenes that though beautifully written go nowhere, leaps in logic that were clear to me in the writing but not to…

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