Tending Your Inner Garden


The Tending Your Inner Garden® program was created 10 years ago to encourage and help women to look deeper within themselves and to explore their relationships with all that is sacred. Founders Deb Engel and Diane Glass used the seasons as a model for change, to help participants develop a spiritual practice, and to tune into their own inner guidance so they could live in alignment with their true selves.

The stories they heard in the course of conducting the year-long programs inspired them to offer another platform for women to express themselves. The outcome is a series of four books, one for each season of the year.TIYG_FallCover_Press1_W

The first of the four books features the writing of women from around the world on themes inspired by the seasons of the year.  Winter: Women’s Stories, Poems and Inspiration for the Season of Rest and Renewal shares reflections on endings and beginnings, renewal, creativity, and stillness in intimate portraits of life.

I’m pleased to have two of my essays included in the “Winter” volume, and one essay in the “Fall” volume.

The volumes are available in soft cover and ebook versions on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

“As women talk honestly about growth, loss, joy and sorrow, use this book to mine the rich soil of your own inner life.”
—Joyce Rupp, Spiritual “Midwife” and Author of more than 20 books, including Open the Door and Fragments of Your Ancient Name