The power of ANYone

Writing earlier this week about The Power of We for Blog Action Day has caused me to think about The Power of One. As I sat down to write, up popped the story of Talia Leman and her new book.

Have you heard about Talia Leman? Talia is a 17-year-old Iowa girl who has set out to change the world. Her philanthropic efforts started when she was 10. The Hurricane Katrina tragedy that left almost a million people homeless struck her heart and rather than collect candy that Halloween, she collected money. The “Today Show” picked up the story and children across the country joined her cause.

The $312 that Talia collected on her Halloween rounds that year was compounded by donations from local companies like Hy-Vee to increase her total contribution to hurricane relief to $250,000.  The total collected by kids that year for hurricane victims was report to be an amazing $10 million.

Since then, Talia has formed a non-profit called RandomKid based on her philosophy that any random kid can make a difference. And now she’s written a book – A Random Book About the Power of ANYone – published by Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster and released earlier this month.

If you dig very far into Talia’s story, you’ll see Talia’s had a whole lot of encouragement and assistance from a whole lot of people, so her story demonstrates the Power of We. But she also demonstrates the Power of One person as well as anyone I’ve read about lately.

One person has an idea. One person has the passion and the perseverance to push forward through adversity. One person figures out how to rally others.

Do you have a good story of the Power of One person? I’d love to hear it.