“Wonderful debut novel” – A Writer of History

M.K. Tod started my week off right when she published her review of Go Away Home on her blog A Writer of History. Mary was one of my advance reviewers and I was particularly interested in her opinion since she also writes about the World War One era.

Here’s how she starts her review:

From the very first chapter of Go Away Home, Carol Bodensteiner draws us into the central conflicts of her debut novel: old ways versus new, farm versus city, youth versus maturity, man versus woman.

She continues:

The story flows with excellent dialogue and compelling descriptions, and each chapter ends with a hook that drives the plot forward.

I’m honored that Mary focused both on the story as well as the writing style.

If you like historical fiction, check out M.K. Tod’s novel Unravelled.

Why we read

Inner discourse. Deeper lives. To stay connected.

ReaderA Writer of History shares the gist of an insightful article on why we (still) read. Thanks, Mary Tod.

Why we read

A few months ago, my mother clipped an article out of the paper for me with the compelling title Why we (still) read. The author was Robert Fulford, a long-time and well known Canadian journalist.

Fullford discusses the benefits of reading and the way “books work on us”. Several bits stood out for me. The first is a quote taken from Mark Kingwell, a professor of philosophy:


…in reading books we construct our unique selves: “There is no self without reading.” Without the inner discourse that reading makes possible, self hardly exists.”

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If you read historical fiction, let your voice be heard

The 2013 Historical Fiction Reader Survey is underway. More than 1,400 people have participated so far. More is better. Here’s the info. Click on the title to get to the A Writer of History site and learn more about the survey. Click on the URL link to go right to the survey and let your voice be heard.

Re-blog from A Writer of History

2013 Reader Survey – with the URL

My apologies if I sound like a broken record :-) however, I wanted to mention the survey again in case you did not have a chance to take it or I can prevail upon your kindness to pass the URL along. As of today, more than 1400 participants have taken the survey – you can see the distribution below.

2013 Reader Survey Map

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