How can writing short stories work for you? Six ways

What's next for my writing? With my novel Go Away Home set to publish in July, I've been thinking more and more about where to turn my writing energy next. Short stories have come up with increasing frequency. As if to urge me along, Julie Glover … [Continue reading]

Time To Let Go – Christoph Fischer author interview

Christoph Fischer, author

New novel shares family facing challenge of Alzheimer Disease. I'm pleased to welcome Christoph Fischer to join us again today. Christoph last stopped by in November to talk about The Black Eagle Inn, the third novel in his Three Nations trilogy. … [Continue reading]

How did transportation open up your world?

Janet Givens

As a farm kid, getting my driver's license was a huge step. Without it, the bus to and from school was my only option. With a license, I could participate in cheer leading, sports, choir, speech contests, and a multitude of other activities. A … [Continue reading]

Is there serendipity in my geraniums?


My gardens tend toward shade plants with one exception, a pot that sits on the one consistently sunny point of our deck. That pot is planted with geraniums. Always geraniums. They like sun. They're easy. They're pretty. When the geraniums are … [Continue reading]

A tale of two cemeteries

Wilmington National Cemetery

Every grave holds a story. That's one of the reasons I'm drawn to cemeteries. So many lives. So many stories. Yet we know so little. Only tiny bits of information. Names that may suggest country of origin. Dates that attest to a life long-lived or to … [Continue reading]

Bears, turkeys, deer & butterflies

Great Smoky Moutain, Cades Cove, church, cemetery

Great Smoky Mountains make "amazing" an overused word My friends told us to keep our eyes peeled for wildlife as we drove along the Cades Cove loop in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We could see deer and wild turkey. If we were really … [Continue reading]

Thelma & Louise hit the road again

Berea, Kentucky combines art and history.

You know you're in the south when … The people at the next table are drinking Coca Cola for breakfast Dairy Queen serves the best biscuits and gravy for breakfast Corn pudding is a side dish option for lunch My friend Sue and I have hit the … [Continue reading]

Song of Australia – Stephen Crabbe historical fiction author interview

Stephen Crabbe

Life on the Australian home front during World War One.  The World War One centenary has many authors writing stories to illustrate that time. As I’ve been writing about life in the Midwest United States 100 years ago, it’s been a pleasure to … [Continue reading]

Women’s Fiction – What message does it send?


Consequences of segmenting the author/book market As a college student in the 1960s, I took a class called "Black Literature." "Black" being the culturally accepted term of the day for African American. We read works including Native Son by Richard … [Continue reading]

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory – Clint Goodwin author interview

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory, book, cover

Veteran of modern wars channels his military experience through U.S. Civil War Horse and historical fiction I met Clint Goodwin, Commander, US Navy-Reserve Retired, through LinkedIn. The concept for his new book: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory – the … [Continue reading]