Soaking in natural beauty

Cactus frame red rocks.

Some places encourage - perhaps even demand - that a person stop thinking, stop talking, and simply soak in nature. Sedona, Arizona, is one of them. I had the pleasure of spending two days this past week in the natural beauty of red rock splendor. A … [Continue reading]

From indie author to Amazon Publishing


My life as an indie publisher went in a dramatic new direction when a senior editor from Amazon Publishing contacted me last November about acquiring Go Away Home. I share how it happened and what it means to me on the Women's Writing Circle. Thanks … [Continue reading]

Marketing a book with a “Use By” date

Simon or Peter Cartoon

This  cartoon circulated on Facebook, and I laughed because it hit me where I was. When I indie published Go Away Home this past July, I geared up for intensive marketing over the long term. I didn’t realize my new book would have a “Use By” date. I … [Continue reading]

Growing Up Country now an audiobook

Growing Up Country Audiobook Cover

Changes in the publishing industry have made life easier for indie authors with every evolution helping us reach more readers. As I launch the audiobook version of my memoir this month, it's been fun to go back and look at the journey of my first … [Continue reading]

Amazon Publishing acquires Go Away Home – I’m giddy!

Lake Union Publishing

Have you ever thought you were as happy as you could be and then something happens to make you realize you could reach a whole new level of happy? It happened to me this month. When I completed the manuscript for my World War One-era novel Go Away … [Continue reading]

Does paying for book promotion pay off?

GUC - Az best sellers -Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 8.54.01 PM

As an indie author, I've looked at paid book promotions from time to time and always backed away. There were so many questions for which I had no solid answers. Which promotion site? What guarantee did I have that it would work? How many books would … [Continue reading]

Book awards – Worth it or not?

"Go Away Home" receives the 2014 Readers' Favorite silver medal in historical fiction from founder Debra Gaynor

Tis the season - not only the holiday season, but the book award season. Readers' Favorite and Writer's Digest, to name just two, announced winners in recent weeks. And with those announcements, author hopes are either realized or dashed. Like corn … [Continue reading]

Readers vote authors out of publishing slush pile

annamaria Bazzi author

Authors look for ways to get their writing noticed. Publishers search slush piles for the next hot author. Author Annamaria Bazzi alerted me to Kindle Scout, a new program from Amazon that could help both author and publisher reach their goals by … [Continue reading]

I’m thankful – Today and everyday


Thanksgiving Day gives us a reason to say thanks. It's a little sad we may need a reason, though I understand how it happens. We're busy. Too much to do. Not enough time. Because I sometimes have a tendency to get wrapped up in doing rather than … [Continue reading]

Journey to publication began with NANOWRIMO

Writers worldwide recently passed the half-way mark of National Novel Writing Month. By today, a writer who is on the NANOWRIMO track will have logged at least 30,000 words on their work in progress. Each year when NANOWRIMO rolls around, I itch to … [Continue reading]