In need of peace

Purple Coneflowers

Deadlines and ‘shoulds’ were getting to me yesterday, so I headed to the prairie to take a break, hopefully to find a little peace. The prairie welcomed me with bright colors and gentle breezes. A half hour in the prairie and I returned to my desk refreshed. 

Join me for a few minutes in the prairie where I’m going to let nature speak for herself in these pictures.

Wild Bergamot beginning to bloom.


Rattlesnake Master


Hoary Vervain and Black-eyed Susans>


Purple and Greyheaded Coneflowers







  1. Jill Clapper says:

    Do you also do the photograph in your blog? They are beautiful prairie flowers!

    • Carol Bodensteiner says:

      Thanks, Jill. Yes, I do the photographs myself. One of the especially nice things about the prairie is that every day there’s something new to look at – and photograph!

  2. Claudia says:

    People talk about going to the mountains or the ocean for a vacation, but I love the prairie and plains. The rolling land feels soft and gentle in all seasons. I feel God there. I particularly love the Flint Hills of Kansas.

    • Carol Bodensteiner says:

      I have not been to the Flint Hills, but you make me want to visit, Claudia. I feel at home in the prairie and even in my little prairie patch, I learn so much about patience and control and going slow and looking closely. The prairie is a blessing. I also like mountains and ocean. Aren’t we lucky to have such diversity in our world!

  3. I love the peace and serenity I fely when I came to your blog. This particular blog post intrigues me the most because you took the time to identify the names of the flowers you photographed. I like proper names of things because it makes things more interesting. Well done!

    • Thanks, Amanda. What a nice compliment. I, too, like to know the names of things. I suppose it seems a little odd, but to me, knowing the names of the plants honors them. Like knowing a person’s name. I have dozens of hostas and I know them by name (except for the ones that were given to me by people who didn’t know). Each spring when they emerge again, I greet them by name. My husband thinks I’m borderline nuts!

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